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Art Camps and Classes

Students learn a variety of art media here at Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy. Come and learn with Ms. Kelsey by registering here today for the classes show below!

Art Camp - July 10-14

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July 10-14, Monday-Friday, 1:00pm-4:00pm Art Camp: Let’s have some summer fun and explore the world of Art!

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2022 Fall Class

We learned about abstract artist Kandinsky today and the students tried their own hand learning this format!

2022 Art Explorers Camp

With Ms. Kelsey, our students travelled through the continents of the world while learning about tradition, music, and art while working in paper craft, clay, paint, oil pastels, printmaking, and more!!

Congratulations To Our Art Students!

Congratulations to our Fanfare art student Kelaiah on winning 1st Place in the 2022 Galveston Art League citywide Seventeenth Annual Youth Juried Competition, in the 5th through 6th Grade division! Also congratulations to Fanfare student Kishon for his Honorable Mention award, and to Keturah for her Honorable Mention in the 9th -12th grade division!

This summer, we are offering 3 Art Camps: Art Explorers Camp (June 13-23), Art Glow Camp (July 5-6), Cursive Writing Camp (July 6-7)! Click To Register Here

2022 Spring Art Work

2021 Fall Artwork

Here is our most recent artwork displayed at our Christmas Concert 2021:

Our students in action:

Summer Art Class 2021

2021 Art Projects

2020 Art Projects

For a beginning of the year 2020 project taught by Kelsey Scheuerman, art students were asked to create a self portrait with their mask. This lesson was inspired by Cassie Stephens. Check out our student’s mask portrait!

2019 Art Projects