Instrument Purchase and Rental

Your child will need his or her own instrument, for classes and for daily practice in between their weekly lessons. Fanfare has a few instruments available to borrow for a minimum deposit, on a first come, first served basis, but numbers are very limited. There are many options for instrument rental or purchase but here are a few:

Piano/keyboard – Beginners do not necessarily require a full-sized acoustic piano, which is generally quite expensive. For at least the first two years of study, a portable keyboard will suffice. Make sure the one you purchase has normal sized-keys of standard width (not the mini-sized keys), and preferably 61 keys (or up to the full 88 keys). There are various options available for new piano keyboards including those listed below. For more economical option, occasionally thrift stores will have used acoustic pianos for very low prices, needing only tuning. Also pawn shops and online forums such as Facebook Marketplace sometimes have good deals on keyboards. 

Music & Arts –

Amazon –

VIOLIN – Purchasing or renting a first violin is best done at the store since violins come in different sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full sized; so your child will need to be measured for the most suitable size. Many of the online violins selling for less than $300 are poorly made and impossible to stay tuned.Recommended for either rental or purchase is:

Lisle Violin Shop

Music & Arts

GUITAR – There are many options for new guitars, a couple of which are listed below. As with keyboards, often good used guitars can be found at pawn shops or online forums such as Facebook Marketplace. Similar to violin, if your child is small, you will need a student-sized, half-sized or 3/4 sized guitar. Guitar Center



WIND INSTRUMENTS – As with the violin, you’ll find that brass and woodwind instruments (trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute etc) are often more affordable for rental, as the ones found for purchase at lowest online prices are generally poorly made and difficult to play. Occasionally suitable used wind instruments can be found at pawn shops or on online forums such as Facebook Marketplace. Rental (or purchase) option is:

Music and Arts


And either of these two: