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Online Checklist

Device: You need a device to stream online lessons. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. If neither of these is available, you can use a smartphone. Please be sure that your device is charged or plugged in during your online lesson.

High-Speed Internet:Y ou will need internet access for lessons. If that is not available at your home, you may be able to use free Xfinity wi-fi hotspots using this map:

Video Calling Software: Before the day of your first class, you will receive a text from your Fanfare teacher(s) with an internet link to your Zoom classroom. 

To Log on: About 4-5 minutes before time for your class, click on the link sent by your teacher. When it’s time for the class, your teacher will allow you to “enter” the class from the “waiting room”. The link should take you directly via your browser, but in case your device requires it, go ahead and download the free Zoom app from your device’s App Store. Note: when student enters the online classroom, s/he will be able to see the teacher. So that the teacher can see the student, click on “Start Video”. If you need to use a smartphone, you may see a choice between “Call Via Device Audio” or “Dial-In”; if so, choose “Call Via DeviceAudio”.There is also a Chat feature on the side; if there is a problem with sound, or other, the teacher can type instructions there and you can type questions to help with problem solving/troubleshooting. We ask your patience, particularly at the first lesson, if there are challenges as you/your child learn the system. 

Helpful Tip: Your internet connection will work best if during this 45 minute period there are no other devices in your home doing heavy streaming such as Netflix, etc. That way you can reduce the likelihood of lags and drops. In case your feed does drop, however, just log in again.

Instrument: Of course you need your instrument during online lessons. Make sure that your instrument is ready and in tune for your lesson.

Stool or Tablet Stand: Please find a stool or desk to place your device. The device should be positioned so teacher can clearly see you and the instrument. If using a tablet use a tablet stand. Before the day of the lesson, experiment with a good place to position your device for class – maybe on a sturdy music stand, or bookshelf, or a table with some sturdy books stacked on it for height. Be creative if necessary but make sure your device is secure, and not on a shaky surface.

Music Materials: Your teacher will tell you which music book you need to purchase if you do not already have that. Be sure to have these ready to go before your lesson time begins so we can get started right away.   

Again, we are very pleased to be able to offer this avenue for your child’s education as an option. Feel free to contact Ms. Pulliam with questions or concerns at or (409)762-8477. Blessings!